About the COC

The Church of Cock is a growing online community of women, men, trans, cis, & non-binary followers on a path of sexual reawakening through the participation in phallic worship.

Our Mission Statement:

To build an open and equal fellowship of women, men, trans, cis, & non-binaries united in their path to find personal, social, and spiritual fulfillment through the participation in phallic worship.

The CoC is an online community with no physical place of worship. We meet through our various social media accounts and the CoC Discord. Everyone is welcome to join us and become a member. Our only requirement is that members live their lives in accordance with the values and ideas of our core doctrine and do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure and well-being for everyone.

To learn more about our beliefs and our stance on a variety of topics, please visit the Doctrine page.

Who runs the COC?

The CoC is run and maintained by the Mr C, the founder of the church and NeoPhallicism, with assistance from the official Community Guides, Supporters, and other volunteer members.

Official COC Accounts

If you see someone on any other social network claiming to be Mister C. or represent the CoC, please contact us and let us know.

Cum makes you happy.

CoC Tenet