The COC Doctrine

Core Doctrine

These concepts represent the core foundation of the CoC and are at the heart of our beliefs and our community.

Cock is Life & Cum is Bliss.

We believe a valid and worthwhile path to spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment can be found through participation in the worship and glorification of Cock.

We believe Cock and Cum can be both the foundation of Life and a source of spiritual and emotional bliss.

We believe all those involved in the act of Cock worship, both the bearer(s) and the worshiper(s), can experience the spiritual bliss.

Embrace Your True Self

Accept your deepest thoughts and desires. They are a fundamental part of who you truly are. One cannot find enlightenment if they are at war with their own thoughts and desires. Search within yourself and find the conviction to be your true self. Fulfillment can only be found by those who seek it within themselves first.

The Greatest Pleasure for the Greatest Number

Indulge your desires and the desires of others. There’s nothing wrong with being a slut. Let go of your inhibitions and live out your fantasies while encouraging others to do the same.

All members have the duty to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest possible amount of pleasure and well-being for all people.

Equality is for Everyone

Every person is deserving of equal rights and treatment. No one should be treated differently because of their race, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

All Cock is Good Cock

Though the CoC accepts and encourages members to have their own preferences, kinks, and fetishes, it is the official stance of the CoC that no cock is to be viewed as inferior to any other regardless of size or the bearer's race, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

All Cock is good cock. Any Cock is good cock. Every Cock is good cock.

We emphasize cock sucking because we believe it is more intimate and personal but we don’t discourage using the rest of your body in the act of worship.

Although the emphasis is definitely on sucking cock, anything done in the service of cock can be considered worship. After all, worship begins in your mind. Wanting, needing, craving cock and acting on those desires is the most important aspect. I fully understand that our bodies have lustful needs too and I encourage you to embrace those cravings and the pleasure they bring just as much.

Sucking a cock creates such a personal and intimate bond. Our heads contain our main focal points for sense and spatial awareness. Our senses of sight, smell, hearing, and taste are all centered there. While sucking, all of your senses are more easily able to focus entirely on the presence of the cock

COC Affirmations (mornings or evenings)

True worship begins in your mind. Start each day in the right frame of mind with a CoC daily affirmation.

Daily Worshiper's Affirmation

I will find a Cock today and I will worship it.

I will take it into my mouth and feel its warmth on my tongue.

I will feel its cum flow down my throat, over my body, into my mind and my soul.

I will drink it freely and experience true bliss.

Cock is Life & Cum is Bliss.

Daily Bearer's Affirmation

My body is a temple and my Cock is a god.

I will treat both with honor and respect.

I will be a guide to those in need, connect with them, and share in the beauty of spiritual bliss.

I show respect to those who earn my respect and I command the respect of others.

I feel the power of my Cock and I know that I am powerful.

Cock is Power.
Cock is Life.

COC Mantras (before worship)

Mantra of Purpose

Cock is my universe.
To take Cock in my mouth or into my body is to let the universe exist within me.
I crave Cock. I need Cock.

Cum sustains me.
I want Cum in my mouth.
I want Cum on my face.

No matter where I am,
I crave the taste of Cock.
It's my purpose in life.

Cock is life & Cum is bliss.

Mantra of Selfhood

Cum is my salvation, my food, & my reason for being.
My flesh is made clean by it.
My soul is made pure through it.

I am a vessel for Cum.
I live to have my throat coated in its blissful warmth.

My mouth is a chalice.
My mouth was made to receive Cock & be filled with its warm seed.

Cock is life & Cum is bliss.

COC Meditations (throughout the day)

Life and Passion

Life.. Purpose.. Desire.. Passion..

Life is meaningless without passion.
Purpose is the foundation of desire.
Desire is the essence of passion.
Cock gives my life purpose.
Cock is my passion.
Cock is my life.


Cock.. Life.. Cum.. Bliss..

Cock gives me Purpose.
Cum gives me Pleasure.

Cock is Life.
Cum is Bliss.

Share your faith with your friends.

CoC Tenet