The COC Doctrine

Core Doctrine

These concepts represent the core foundation of the CoC and are at the heart of our beliefs and our community.

Cock is Life & Cum is Bliss.

The participation in sexual (or non-sexual) phallic worship opens a valid and distinguished path to personal and social sexual awareness as well as spiritual fulfillment allowing all involved, both the bearer(s) and the worshiper(s), to experience a blissful, intimate, social, and spiritual connection.

Cock and Cum may be viewed as direct and indirect symbols of both the modern sexual revolution and the spiritual center and foundations of Life.

Embrace Your True Self

People should be encouraged and free to experience and express their true sexual self as casually or as privately as they wish.

Accept and work to incorporate even your darkest thoughts and desires into your identity. They are a fundamental part of who you truly are. You cannot find personal fulfillment or spiritual enlightenment if you are at war with your own thoughts and desires. Search within yourself and find the conviction to be your true self. True personal growth can only be acheived by those who seek it within themselves first.

The Greatest Pleasure for the Greatest Number

Be indulgent of your desires and indulge in the desires of others. There’s nothing wrong with being a slut. Let go of your repressive inhibitions and live out your fantasies while encouraging others to do the same. Intimacy doesn't have to be private. Consensual sexual pleasure is a gift to be given and shared between acquaintances and friends as well as lovers and spouses.

All members should strive to live in a way that creates the greatest amount of pleasure and personal, social, mental, and sexual well-being for all people.

Equality is for Everyone

Every person is deserving of equal rights and treatment. NO ONE should EVER be treated differently, considered less-equal, or made to feel "less than" or inferior, due to their sex, race, gender, gender identity, sexual preferences, or sexual orientation.

Although we encourage you to have your own sexual preferences, kinks, and fetishes, no individual or group should be genuinely considered as inferior to any other regardless of their individual or group attributes.

We regularly emphasize oral worship because it's a far more intimate and personal experience but we don’t discourage using the rest of your body in the act of worship.

Oral worship creates a very personal and intimate bond because most of our senses (sight, smell, hearing, and taste) are all centered there. Oral worship allows you to more easily focus entirely on the experience.

However, any act or ritual performed in the service of your personal and sexual growth can be considered worship. After all, worship begins in your mind. Accepting and acting on those desires is the most important aspect. Our whole bodies have needs (physical, intellectual, and spiritual) and we encourage you to embrace those desires and the pleasure they bring just as much.

Share your faith with your friends.

CoC Tenet